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Online jobs for teenagers

The preparation for starting the professional phase of one’s life starts at much earlier nowadays in comparison to what was happening a decade or so ago. With an increased awareness of recognising your own abilities so that you can sell … Continue reading

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Homemade pregnancy test

A sever financial pressure and an unexpected pregnancy can be a very bad combination. You might be in a similar situation and you might feel that talking about it is only going to make it worse by adding the mental … Continue reading

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Amber teething necklace

I had only started enjoying my time with my baby after getting through a tough delivery and a few initial rough months of parenthood when I thought about getting prepared for what was next in store. I and my husband … Continue reading

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Peacock costume

My peacock feather earrings and the head band are the two accessories that I get most compliments for, always. These are nothing but the leftovers from the peacock costume that I had made for myself in college and now after … Continue reading

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Electric fire place heater

In times when you and your family cannot anymore tolerate the cold weather brings, you definitely necessitate a heating device to neutralize the temperature and maintain the warmth your human body needs. This is essentially the function of an electric … Continue reading

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