Peacock costume

My peacock feather earrings and the head band are the two accessories that I get most compliments for, always. These are nothing but the leftovers from the peacock costume that I had made for myself in college and now after all these years when parties are no longer my cup of tea I wear the costume in the form of these stylish accessories. It brings back the memories when I hand made that costume many years ago. It was still a novelty idea back then and I did not overdo it with my imagination.

I feel this is the case with many costumes nowadays; the natural beauty is lost because people get too creative thinking that it is a costume after all. I know and agree that costume is nothing but a dramatic extension of your personality but let the personality also show. I always wore dark colors in my normal life, you can call me a lover of black so when I decided to make a costume based on this beautiful yet colorful bird, I decided on the base of the costume to be black. There was an abundance of dark colors that are found on a peacock and slight hint of the bright colors to get the right look.

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