Amber teething necklace

I had only started enjoying my time with my baby after getting through a tough delivery and a few initial rough months of parenthood when I thought about getting prepared for what was next in store. I and my husband had had enough surprises already to be in mood for several more.

With a little time on our hands, we decided to take turns on reading up more about how to take care of our baby boy and how to assist his growth and prevent any pain or disease from occurring in his body. Turns out, although everything else could be prevented there was going to be one painful phase that my dear angel had to go through since it was natural and this was the painful experience of teething.

We read up about the teething toys which help soothe the pain but were not really sure about having a medicine handy in case the pain increased a lot. It was right then that while discussing about this with my mother, she reminded me that I used to wear an amber teething necklace as a baby when I had to go through teething. She shared a positive experience and recommended we get one for my baby boy too.

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