Homemade pregnancy test

A sever financial pressure and an unexpected pregnancy can be a very bad combination. You might be in a similar situation and you might feel that talking about it is only going to make it worse by adding the mental pressure of your depreciated self and public image. Let me assure you that in such an economy, you are not alone to be facing such a horrendous situation in life. Pregnancies can be an accident and we are only human and despite the best efforts, it sometimes happens. Now in order to take a timely decision which is well informed but does not cost you a bucket load of money, you might think that a homemade pregnancy test is a better option than exhaustive medical check ups that doctors do.

In my opinion, these tests that you can make at home can be conducted safely and you can keep it to yourself if you do not want to divulge the information too soon. Speaking as a woman and a mother myself, I would strongly suggest you to look for a social support group who cab support you through such a difficult time. This is not a time to test your bravery but to find a solution, for which, a more number of heads might just be the thing.

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